Top 5 UFO Sightings February 10th 2017. ©iUFOSightings. Top 5 UFO Sightings #5: UFO Sightings Warren Michigan. This is excellent UFO footage that was taken by the source. Look at this UFO it was spotted near 10 mile road. This UFO looks like it has multiple components to it. The source tries to zoom in but this UFO is moving fast. Just excellent UFO Footage on this one and we are going to have to say proof positive.
Top 5 UFO Sightings #4: Our UFO clip of the day for February 5th 2017. Check this UFO out! This is a cigar shaped UFO. The source opened up the screen door and started filming this UFO. Just excellent UFO footage on this one. It is raining outside when the source filmed this UFO. The UFO made no noise and is clear. Looks like the UFO is made out of some kind of metal very interesting. We are going to have to say proof positive on this UFO Sighting.
Top 5 UFO Sightings #3: The next UFO Sighting was a viral one. When we first released it media in Japan picked up the UFO video. We have since received additional information on this UFO video. The source was an employee starting his shift at Subway and noticed this UFO flying overhead. This is excellent UFO footage and is one for the ages. UFO seems to be made out of metal and is reflecting the environment. A must see for UFO enthusiasts.
Top 5 UFO Sightings #2: UFO Sightings Unknown Object. This is a great UFO case. The source and wife just got done eating and where headed to their car. The problem was that ems was called due to an older lady having breathing issues. The Fire truck and EMS where blocking the drive so they couldn’t get out and had to wait for the drive to clear. The source looked up while waiting and saw this UFO. This is great UFO footage look at this UFO it has some kind of outer energy glow just excellent footage on this one.
Top 5 UFO Sightings #1: Alright our number one UFO video on the countdown. This UFO was filmed by a cinematic drone worth over $5,000 dollars. The source caught this UFO while flying his drone. Look at this UFO it seems to have fans and engines all over it. There also seems to be some energy at the bottom of the UFO. This is crazy footage. The UFO video has glitches all over it. The source claims it is caused by the UFO. This one is up in the air.
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