UFO Spotted By Multiple People Must See Footage. ©iUFOSightings. UFO spotted by multiple people. Look at this UFO it was spotted by 4 different sources. The UFOs were all spotted in Michigan between 12:00pm and 12:30pm.The first source spotted this UFO at the airport from inside a plane at DTW in Michigan. The plane was getting ready to take of when she saw and filmed this UFO. The UFO seems to be flashing is it a signal? This is amazing footage and thank you to our source.
The second UFO was spotted by Peter who saw this UFO in Ann Arbor Michigan. He was working outside when he saw this UFO. The UFO seems to have an orange glow around it just incredible. The UFO looks like it might be the same as in the first video. Look at the center it has some kind of metal or mesh on it.
The Third sighting comes to us from a parking lot of a target store. The source was on his lunch break when he went to target to pick up some items. In the parking lot he witnessed this UFO. The UFO seems to be trying to cloak itself. This is amazing footage.
The fourth video comes to us from Warren Michigan the source saw this UFO when he was heading to his car on lunch break. This is amazing the UFO looks like the same as the others. They were all seen before the storm. What is this UFO is it responsible for the storm? This has to be proof positive!!!
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