©iUFOSightings. UFO Sightings Alien Space Ship. Look at this UFO sightings it has to be out of this of this world. It was at night and the moon is covered by the moon. The UFO seems to have some smoke comingout of it. This is amazing UFO footage. The Saucer stopped in midair. Wonder what it was doing? In any case this looks like a Space ship to us.
Ghost Sighting from a hotel. The server sent us in this video of a ghost. There have been some strange things happening at this restaurant. The source and his coworkers believed there might be some paranormal activity going on. Then one day finally he was able to capture the ghost on camera. This is excellent ghost footage.
UFO Sightings clip of the day comes to us in a foggy night. The source was flying his Phantom 4 drone when he spotted this UFO. The footage is steady and clear. Is this UFO what is causing the Fog? The source says it has been foggy for the last three days in the area. The footage is so steady it seem surreal. The UFO is moving slowly and rotating. Just excellent UFO footage on this one.

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