©iUFOSightings. UFO Sightings must see UFOs. Take a look at this great UFO footage over the ocean. This UFO was spotted over the ocean. This UFO is moving pretty fast as it passes by the plane. The source was using a new cell phone camera to capture this UFO. The UFO is very uniquely shaped with some energy at the bottom of it perhaps this is what is keeping the UFO a float.
UFO Sightings from inside a plane. Take a look at this UFO it seems to be transparent in nature. It moves behind a light pole. It is moving at a steady pace very interesting. The source had just boarded the plane when he saw this UFO. This is amazing UFO footage. There is an employee on the ground did he see this UFO?
UFO Sightings more archived footage. Take a look at this UFO. It seems to have a ring and a spear that make up the parts to this UFO. Not too much information on this UFO sighting. . This is old footage we are bringing back to see if you have any new information about this UFO Sighting. If you do have any new information on this UFO please leave it in the comments below.
UFO Sightings are the here? Just wow look at this UFO. It looks like it has craters in it. This is just amazing UFO footage. The footage comes to us from South Carolina. It was sent to us on May 13th 2017. What is this UFO it is moving in a upward motion just incredible. Do you know what this is? Have you seen this UFO please leave it in the comments below.
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