©iUFOSightings. UFO Sightings this has to be proof positive. Look at this footage. What is going on over here? This UFO was filmed with a brand new Phone so that is why it is so clear. The original footage was filmed in 4k. Just awesome what is this thing? It has some energy on the bottom of the craft and it also have some energy blur going on man this has to be proof positive for sure.
UFO Sightings look at this space ship it is just amazing. There seems to be some lights on this UFO and the UFO looks like it is morphing. This is some of the best UFO sightings we have ever seen. Look at this UFO what is going on???? Love it and we have to say proof positive!!!
UFO Sightings Just Awesome. Look at this UFO just incredible. This UFO was spotted over a fast food restaurant. The source just got done eating across the street when he noticed this UFO. This is a very unique shaped UFO. The UFO seems to have all kinds of energy on it. Very interesting to say the least. Unfortunately not much information was given on this UFO sighting.
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