Top 10 UFO Sightings September 11th 2017.
©iUFOSightings. UFO Sightings #10: UFO Sightings on the runway. Look at this amazing UFO footage. The UFO seems to be blinking/flashing is it some kind of code? What is going on over here? This is exceptional UFO footage. The sources plane was coming in for a landing when he spotted this UFO flying on the Runway. He kept filming even after the UFO. Please let us know what you think this in the comments down below.
UFO Sightings #9: UFO Sightings take a look at this UFO. It was spotted outside a plane. What is this UFO? Is it a space ship? There seems to be some blue energy on the back of the UFO. Is this how the UFO is able to move and or stay afloat? The UFO looks like it has a cockpit and there seems to be someone or something flying the UFO. This is truly amazing UFO footage.
UFO Sightings #8: UFO Sightings is it manmade? Look at this UFO it looks like it is made of some wires? Very interesting UFO footage. Is this UFO man made? How is it staying afloat in the air? There doesn’t seem to be any propellers or anything on it. This is very interesting UFO footage to say the least.
UFO Sightings #7: UFO Sightings in a crowded area. Take a look at this amazing UFO footage what is going on over here. You can hear people honking at this UFO. It was taking off according to the source and also according the footage. This is just amazing UFO footage and thankfully it was captured on film for all to see. The UFO has no fans on it which rules out a drone. Well what do you thing is it an UFO?
UFO Sightings #6: The next UFO video is archived World War II footage according to the source. The people where filming a war time documentary from a plane and saw this UFO. Not sure if it has been released to the public before. We just got this in on January 25th 2017 and are bringing it to your right away.
UFO Sightings #5: UFO Sightings South Carolina. Here we go check this UFO out. The source had just come out from grocery shopping when he and his wife saw this UFO in the sky. There were multiple witnesses and 2 other different camera sources. Check this UFO out it seems to have some kind of beacon light on the back. The UFO also seems to have some ridges in the body. Excellent UFO footage here and we are going to have to say proof positive.
UFO Sightings #4: Our final UFO clip of the day comes to us in a foggy night. The source was flying his Phantom 4 drone when he spotted this UFO. The footage is steady and clear. Is this UFO what is causing the Fog? The source says it has been foggy for the last three days in the area. The footage is so steady it seem surreal. The UFO is moving slowly and rotating. Just excellent UFO footage on this one.
UFO Sightings #3: WOW UFO Sightings from the 80’s just released??? This is just awesome what is going on over here. Apparently a film crew flying to the Amazon to film a documentary saw this amazing UFO on their plane ride and filmed it… And to that we say thank you!!! This is just ground breaking UFO footage what is going on over here??? We love UFO footage just like this. Thank you Tube and Thank you to the Fans…
UFO Sightings #2: UFO Sightings During Solar Eclipse 2017. What is this object and look at the glow around it. Look at the gentlemen on the tractor he is staring right at the UFO. Look at this UFO it has an organic shape to it. The UFO seems to be made out of metal. This is exceptional UFO footage. The source claims it happened during the Solar Eclipse as you can tell by the lack of sunlight at day time.
UFO Sightings #1: UFO Sightings this is great UFO footage. The UFO comes from an airport when the plane just landed. This is great UFO footage that comes to us from over ease. The UFO looks like it might be an alien. The UFO looks like it might be made of some metal. The UFO also looks like it has scales. Just amazing UFO footage here and that is why it made it to the #1 on the UFO countdown.
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