©iUFOSightings. UFO Sightings Look at this. This has to be proof positive 100%. This UFO was flying alongside a plane. The source filmed it with his brand new phone. This has to the clearest UFO footage we have seen in a while. This is excellent UFO footage and must be seen to be believed. The source was flying in from France to the United States when he witnessed this amazing UFO Sighting.
Alien or Ghost? Look at this compelling footage. The source was walking and just felt this weir energy. The energy kept persisting so he finally turned around and when he did he saw this Alien/Ghost. He ran and when he was at a distance he filmed what you see in this video.
UFO Sightings Novi Michigan. The jet does a barrel roll as it chases a UFO. This is amazing UFO footage. This is archived footage as the tower in the background is no longer white but has been painted an orange metal color. This is from a parking lot of a building.
UFO Sightings just released archive footage. Take a look at this incredible UFO footage. It was believed to have been filmed in the 60’s or early 70’s. just amazing UFO footage. There are actually 2 UFOs in this video. What are they doing is this a test? Is this man made? Excellent UFO footage.
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