©iUFOSightings. UFO Sightings 1: UFO Sightings Alien Space Ship. Look at this UFO sightings it has to be out of this of this world. It was at night and the moon is covered by the moon. The UFO seems to have some smoke coming out of it. This is amazing UFO footage. The Saucer stopped in midair. Wonder what it was doing? In any case this looks like a Space ship to us.
UFO Sightings 2: UFO Sightings take a look at this amazing UFO footage. The question goes UFO Sightings what is it? A UFO for sure. Look at this object the center seems to be some sort of space rock covered by a transparent material. This is just great UFO footage. The source was flying back from India to the United States when he saw this amazing UFO. If you have any further information please leave it in the comments below.
UFO Sightings 3: UFO Sightings Unknown Object. This is a great UFO case. The source and wife just got done eating and where headed to their car. The problem was that ems was called due to an older lady having breathing issues. The Fire truck and EMS where blocking the drive so they couldn’t get out and had to wait for the drive to clear. The source looked up while waiting and saw this UFO. This is great UFO footage look at this UFO it has some kind of outer energy glow just excellent footage on this one.
UFO Sightings 4: UFO takes off look at this amazing UFO footage. The UFO takes off in front of the sources eye. His wife tells him to stop yelling. This is some interesting UFO footage. The UFO looks like it could possible be a huge drone. It is hard to tell from this angle of the video. The UFO was huge according to the source. This footage brings up a lot of unanswered questions.
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