©iUFOSightings. UFO Sightings 1: Alright our final UFO video comes to us from Russia January 30th 2017. This is great UFO footage. The source and his friends party at this abandon factory and on January 30th 2017 they saw this UFO. They were having a good time until they saw this UFO and started wondering what is going on? This UFO seems to be made out of metal. The shape of the UFO is very unique and hard to describe. All in all excellent UFO footage here.
UFO Sightings 2: Alright down to the UFO Sightings of the day! This video comes to us from Denver January 28th 2017. The source was on location filming a commercial when they saw this UFO. They were using a drone to film an aerial shot when this UFO was spotted. He then continued to film the UFO with his drone. This is an organic shaped UFO. It seems to have one red light on it at the bottom. Excellent UFO footage on this one.
UFO Sightings 3: Okay now let’s get to the UFO video of the day. This UFO has been spotted before by our sources. It seems to be a crossed shaped UFO. The UFO moves slowly at night. This UFO fly’s close to a building but not sure if anyone saw this. The source just got done eating when they saw this UFO. The SUV in the bottom of the screen also saw this UFO. Excellent UFO Sighting.
UFO Sightings 4: UFO Sightings Alien Multiplies what is going on over here. Take a look at this amazing UFO footage. The source claims that this UFO is alive. He also claims it is multiplying. It can been seen clearly there is something on the screen. It looks organic is shape. The UFO does split up into two objects this is just excellent UFO footage. The question still remains what is going on? Thanks for watching don’t forget to subscribe. New video everyday!!!
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