©iUFOSightings. UFO Sightings 1: UFO Sightings organic object. Look at this amazing UFO footage the UFO is alive. This amazing UFO was filmed flying thru the air. What is it? It looks like liquid metal. Then there are 5 spheres rotating in the front of the UFO this is absolutely amazing UFO footage. There looks like there are parts of the UFO that are hollow. If you have any further information on this UFO please leave it in the comments below.
UFO Sightings 2: Alright let’s get down to the UFO Sightings. First up is a UFO sighting from Indiana. Strange light/energy on this object. The Source just got done eating and was in the parking lot when they saw this UFO. They pulled out the cell phone and started filming the UFO. It is a strange shape for sure. It was silent and made no noise.
UFO Sightings 3: UFO Sightings on the runway. Look at this amazing UFO footage. The UFO seems to be blinking/flashing is it some kind of code? What is going on over here? This is exceptional UFO footage. The sources plane was coming in for a landing when he spotted this UFO flying on the Runway. He kept filming even after the UFO. Please let us know what you think this in the comments down below.
UFO Sightings 4: UFO Sightings take a look at this UFO. What is going on over here. This is just amazing UFO footage. The UFO looks like it is going to land but then all of a sudden the UFO just takes of at blazing speeds. The UFO looks like it has wings. The UFO also has uses some kind of fuel system to propel itself.
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