©iUFOSightings. UFO Sightings 1: UFO Sightings During Solar Eclipse 2017. What is this object and look at the glow around it. Look at the gentlemen on the tractor he is staring right at the UFO. Look at this UFO it has an organic shape to it. The UFO seems to be made out of metal. This is exceptional UFO footage. The source claims it happened during the Solar Eclipse as you can tell by the lack of sunlight at day time.
UFO Sightings 2: UFO Sightings Beautiful Object. Take a look at this amazing UFO. The UFO seems to have two lights on it. One on the bottom and one on the top. The one the bottom seems to be flashing. The UFO also seems to have a transparent circular core. This is excellent UFO footage. The source and his coworkers spotted this UFO when they were done with their night shift.
UFO Sightings 3: UFO Sightings Fleet of UFOs. Take a look at this amazing UFO footage… The source was flying his Mavic Pro Drone when these UFOs were spotted. The UFOs seem to be in formation. They have some kind of propel system in the middle of them. This UFO footage is just amazing and must be seen to be believed.
UFO Sightings 4: UFO Sightings what is it? This is some great UFO footage that was filmed over seas. The UFO seems to be rotating and looks like it has energy all over it. There seems to be orange energy rings. The UFO also seems to be made out of metal in some areas as it reflects the clouds. This UFO seems to go under the plane at the end of the footage. Interesting UFO footage to say the least.
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