©iUFOSightings. UFO Sightings USO take a look at this incredible close up footage of this UFO. The source claims it is an under water submerged object. This is truly some incredible UFO footage. What is going on over here? The source was on a boat ride when this UFO appeared out of thin air… The UFO also disappears into thin air at the end jus incredible.
UFO Sightings Strange Lights. Check this footage out! Three Orbs UFOs flying in formation? The middle light is brighter than the other two. This footage comes to us from England. The UFOs where spotted on a lake. Are these UFOs USOs? Excellent UFO footage on this one. We are going to have to say proof positive.
Time for the UFO video of the day. This is excellent UFO footage that comes to us from Lodi Wisconsin. This video was sent to us by a farmer. He was pulling into his drive way from the store when he saw this UFO. He started recording the UFO and was in pure shock. The UFO seems to be happening during a snow storm. This UFO seems to be organic. Upon closer inspection the UFO is morphing. Just excellent UFO footage on this one and we are going to have to say proof positive.
Alright our final UFO video comes to us from Russia January 30th 2017. This is great UFO footage. The source and his friends party at this abandon factory and on January 30th 2017 they saw this UFO. They were having a good time until they saw this UFO and started wondering what is going on? This UFO seems to be made out of metal. The shape of the UFO is very unique and hard to describe. All in all excellent UFO footage here.
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