©iUFOSightings. UFO Sightings drone chasing a UFO. This is just great footage coming to us from the skies. Look at this UFO is it pure energy? I think it is. This is just amazing UFO footage… There is a drone following this UFO. Is it escorting it or is it following it? This is the Question. All we have to say is this is great clear must see UFO footage.
UFO Sightings Huge object spotted at the airport. Take a look at this amazing UFO footage. The source was in the plane when he saw this huge UFO. The UFO seems to have multiple components and seems to be morphing. The UFO changes shape on the video. This is some excellent clear UFO footage and we will have to say proof positive on this UFO sighting.
Alright down to the UFO Sightings of the day! This video comes to us from Denver January 28th 2017. The source was on location filming a commercial when they saw this UFO. They were using a drone to film an aerial shot when this UFO was spotted. He then continued to film the UFO with his drone. This is an organic shaped UFO. It seems to have one red light on it at the bottom. Excellent UFO footage on this one.
Okay down to the UFO video of the day. This one is just crazy. Look at this UFO or is it an Alien? Just excellent clear UFO videos on this one. Yes there are two different videos sent to us by the sources. They are truck drivers in Mexico. This is what they saw when they arrived at their destination. This UFO Alien is creepy looking. We have no idea how to even describe the UFO Alien. The second video shows the UFO Alien fly behind the company building. The sources will not give up a location for fear of losing their jobs.
UFO Sightings blue energy. Take a look at this amazing UFO footage what is this object. The source was flying in North Carolina when this UFO was spotted. This is clear UFO footage taken from inside a plane. The UFO has blue energy emanating from it which cloud be the reason it is able to stay a float. One thing for sure the UFO footage is clear and is amazing when to look at.
UFO Documentary what is this over here a UFO that is made of alien technology. The source says it is blockchain technology. WOW this is just amazing UFO footage. We really don’t know much about what the source says is saying but we must say it is very interesting. If you have any information on this amazing UFO footage please let us know!

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