©iUFOSightings. UFO Sightings space ship. What is this over here and what is going on? The source filmed this Space ship at a grocery store parking light. The UFO is moving at a steady pace and seems to have a lot of energy on it. The UFO might be a possible TR3B. This has to be some of the more compelling UFO footage that we have seen in a while.
UFO Sightings strange lights in the sky. Look at this UFO it looks like it is by a hotel in Mexico. The UFO seems to be made out of light. There seems to be something in the center of the UFO. No idea what it is. The UFO is in a warm climate area as you can tell by the trees in its surroundings. Just excellent UFO footage on this one.
Humanoid Sighting what is it? Look at this ladies and gentlemen wow!!! The source was taking out garbage when he saw this Humanoid. WOW this is amazing UFO footage. What is going on over here? This is incredible Humanoid footage for sure. What do you think this is? Please let us know in the comments below. Thank you to the source for sending us this footage!!!
UFO Sightings take a look at this UFO. What is going on over here. This is just amazing UFO footage. The UFO looks like it is going to land but then all of a sudden the UFO just takes of at blazing speeds. The UFO looks like it has wings. The UFO also has uses some kind of fuel system to propel itself.
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