UFO Sightings The Farm House Incident. Ron and his son sent in this UFO footage to us that was taken on his farm. The farm is in Ohio. They have seen this UFO multiple times and final captured it on film. Ron’s sons if a fan of iUFOSightings and convinced Ron to send in the footage to the channel. The UFO looks like a disk-shaped object. The source claims that when ever the UFO appears they have an elevated state of peace!

UFO Sightings at the Farm. Take a look at this amazing UFO footage that was captured by the source on his neighbor’s farm. The UFO seems to be flying out in the open on the farm. This UFO was supposedly visiting the house on multiple occasions. The source said that they also feel like they are in a state of elevated happiness when the UFO shows up! This is a disk shaped UFO quite possibly the same as the other UFO sightings.

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