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©iUFOSightings. UFO Sightings spotted at a grocery store in Michigan. Take a look at this UFO looks like an Alien Space Ship. The object was moving slowly thru the air. The UFO looks like it has green energy thru the center of it. The source was going to the grocery store when they spotted this UFO.
UFO Sightings spotted in Minnesota the UFO is light up by its core. This is exceptional UFO footage. The source says he has seen this UFO multiple times while walking. This time he caught it on camera with his cell phone. Look at the center of the UFO just incredible.
UFO Sighting 2019 spotted in Brazil. This footage is a little bit blurry it was spotted by the source who said he used an old cell phone. None the less some great UFO footage. What is this object doing here and why is it here. The source says it was an enlightening experience which he still does not believe…
UFO Sightings from Texas at a farm. Look at this clear UFO filmed with a new Samsung cell phone according to the farmer. You can see this UFO go by the barn and then take off at incredible speeds. This is truly some excellent UFO footage. The center of the UFO seems to be distorted with some heat. At the bottom and top of the UFO it looks like there could be some fans on it. Excellent clear UFO footage!!!
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